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Warrant Music and ITI Records are focused on providing a vehicle for those musicians that are both new and veterans in Jazz and Classical, that stretches from New Age to Blues, BeBop, Cool, Smooth and beyond. Take a look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. Check back later for new updates to our website. You can also see/hear some of our releases on YouTube under ITI Records.
Our catalog titles are distributed digitally through The Orchard and available through all digital outlets, including Amazon, iTunes etc. Our CDs are available through AMPED (Super D and Alliance) and wherever Jazz and Classical albums are sold.  International or other domestic sales may be purchased directly through ITI, via PayPal.
Coming March 24:
ITI Records and Dave Hill Music are pleased to announce that they have joined together for the release of two albums by the guitarist, composer, producer and author, Dave Hill. Available on CD and Digital.
Dave is a highly sought after session musician in the LA market. But these two albums will show and tell Dave’s music that will surely please straight-ahead and contemporary fans alike.
On “New World” Dave has put together some incredible artists for this album including “Yellowjackets”, Russell Ferrante, Jimmy Haslip and Will Kennedy.
Available 24 March 2015
Catalog # DHM 060825
CD UPC: 641444060825
SLP: #13.98
Digital UPC: 889176676222
Ten Tracks include:
Waiting For You, Kneedeep, New World, Sunrise, Rush Hour,
Do You Know, Soul Twister, Oak Harbor, Prove It, All The Times
Recorded at Megatracks Studios, Mossy Rock Studio and Bill’s Place
Produced by: Jimmy Haslip and Dave Hill
Engineering by: Derek Jones, Hussain Jiffry and Dave Hill
Mixed by Hussain Jiffry
Mastering by Steven Simms, Melissa Hill
On “Two Seasons” he has assembled Adam Cohen on bass, Bill Fulton on piano and keyboards, Kevin King on keyboards, and Tim McIntyre on drums.  Guest performances are by Any Suzuki on soprano and tenor, Ernest Tibbs on fretless bass and Dave Karasony (from the Rippingtons) on drums.  Special guest performance by Gregg Karukas on piano.
Eight Tracks include:
Remembering You, Two Sessions, If You Don’t Care Anymore, Mayso, Workin’ on Your Thing, When We’re Together, Pack a Lunch, Tiete
Available  24 March 2015                     
Catalog # DHM 04402
CD UPC:   602977044027
SLP: #13.98                                                
Digital UPC:  889176675515
Recorded at Various Studios
Mixed by Georg Dum at Liquid Fish Studios and Ron Boustead at Precision Mastering Studios in Hollywood
Tom Garvin
Bradley's Revenge
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Release on March 2, 2015
ITI Records Catalog # 201504
Pianist, composer, arranger Tom Garvin, not only wrote charts for Don Ellis, the Tonight Show band, but also toured and wrote for some of the best of the best, including Carmen McRae, Peggy Lee, Lou Rawls and Diane Schuur, Michael Urbaniak, and Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra. Here Tom plays favorites and his own compositions. Tom was instrumental in helping ITI Records establish itself back in 1982.  He was also instrumental in recording alongside other ITI alumni: Ruth Price, Mike Campbell, Mike Stephans and the Seventh Avenue Band, Lou Rovner and Estelle Reiner. Tom Garvin died on July 31, 2011. He was 67. The cause was cancer, which diagnosed three years ago, said Tom Mitchell, a close friend. A fixture on the Los Angeles jazz scene, Garvin was "one of our town's better jazz pianists," The Times said in 1990. His specialty was accompaniment, and he did it "with a flair not often engendered by other pianists," John Gilbert wrote in 2003 in the online magazine jazzreview.com. As recently as 2006, Garvin led a trio for Jack Jones. "His accompaniments offered both musical support and expressive space — a secure foundation for singers to rave freely in the telling of their musical stories," said jazz critic Don Heckman. "His jazz trio work was equally engaging." In 1972, Garvin began writing songs for the Tonight Show Band with Doc Severinsen and eventually composed dozens of tunes for the TV program. "I'd just write them and send them in," Garvin told The Times in 1992. "I went in once and watched Doc rehearse one of my tunes, and he was excellent.… So I thought, 'Hey, I don't need to be here.' "  Such public reticence contributed to Garvin's relatively low profile outside of the jazz community, according to Tom Mitchell. The lack of visibility was surprising given his musicianship and "articulately crafted keyboard style," Heckman wrote in a 2001 Times review of a performance that featured such standards as "I'll Close My Eyes" and "I Fall in Love Too Easily." Garvin was born Feb. 4, 1944, in Petersburg, Va. His parents divorced when he was young, and his mother did clerical work while they lived with his grandmother. As a child, he received a key gift from his mother — a toy piano. From then on, Garvin wanted to be a musician, Mitchell said.
This album is dedicated to my friend Tom Garvin posthumously.
February 2015 Mike Dion
Art Johnson
America, Land of Broken Dreams
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February 2, 2015
from Warrant Music:
The Single: CAT #201505
by Art Johnson
Multi-talented Art, is a guitarist and violinist, in jazz, blues, country and classical music, is also a composer, producer, engineer and songwriter.  Furthermore, he is a novelist and poet.  Here, he contributes a political commentary thought about where we are with the “American Dream”. 
This is only available THRU your favorite digital outlet.
January 2015
Mike Campbell
Love Will Follow
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Mike Campbell
Available January 20, 2015
Catalog # 201501
CD UPC:  855925004141
SLP: #13.98     Digital UPC:889176280658                            
Advertising: February Downbeat and
The New York City Jazz Record
Promotions: (In-house) itimusic@mail.com                                                                            
Sixteen Tracks include:
Another Star, To Love Again, With A Song in My Heart, Close Enough For Love, Early, Do It Again, No Moon At All, Alone Again, The Real Thing, Love Will Follow, Maybe September, Mystery, When Love Has Gone, Dat Dare, Where Were You In April, Once More   
Singer Mike Campbell’s third album on ITI Records - "Close Enough For Love" is a blend of three recording sessions, which features Tom Garvin on piano, Bob Sheppard, Tom Peterson on tenor, Lanny Morgan on alto, John Heard, Eric Von Essen on bass, Ralph Penland, Peter Donald on drums, Clay Jenkins, Steve Huffsteter on trumpet and flugelhorn, Bruce Paulson on trombone, Dan Sawyer on guitar, and Dave Shank on percussion; duets with pianist Joanne Grauer and two additional tracks produced by the late Tim Hauser.  Janis Siegel and Cheryl Bentyne also from Manhattan Transfer sang backup for these tracks and the musicians included Jeff Lorber – keyboards and synth, Ernie Watts - sax solo, Wayne Johnson – guitar, and on percussion Paulino da Costa.
Beatrice Alunni & Marc Peillon
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Beatrice Alunni & Marc Peillon,
Available January 13, 2015                           Catalog # 201502
CD UPC: 855925004172
SLP: 13.98                                         
Digital UPC: 889176273186         
Ads: JazzTimes, Downbeat and The New York City Jazz RecordIn-house Promotions: itimusic@mail.com         
Tracks include: Cocoon, Liloo, Peace, Dance With Me, Paradox, Tell Me, Breeze, Dream in Black and White, Italian Ballad, Little Steps
ITI Records loves duos.  It’s all about putting your best musicianship and creativity forward.  There’s no place to hide.
In thirty years of producing quality jazz product, owner Michael Dion has offered the jazz listener, Bill Mays and Red Mitchell, Art Johnson and Joanne Grauer and Mike Campbell and Tom Garvin.  
Now the European jazz scene is being represented in the US by ITI Records and Dion has discovered pianist/ composer Beatrice Alunni and bassist, composer, arranger Marc Peillon in their debut effort of tantalizing compositions played with intense creativity.
This magical duo will keep your ears glued to the headphones or speakers.  Once you start listening to these two giants from the South of France, your heart will dance for joy.
This album then is for any jazz fan who truly insists on the best.  If by chance you have just discovered ITI Records, you will be glad that you did.  Enjoy!  Art Johnson, Monaco, Nov 26, 2014
“Dance With Me” is a musical book of poems composed and interpreted by Béatrice Alunni
(Piano) and Marc Peillon (Double bass) who both reside on the Côte d'Azur in France.
Each page of the compilation musically describes a stage of a long voyage.
By the bond of the duo, the music reveals the dialogue, the whispers and its book of secrets...
The bossa nova transports us into Brazilian nostalgia, the tango burns with Argentinian passion and the ballad invites mystery... Marc Pillion
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